The Child Prodigy Series is a group class for ages 2 -5 that teaches students to play the piano at a very early age.  Children learn to read musical notes and clefs, learn hand and fingering positions, and will perform at a recital on the piano.  The class is structured and interactive, encouraging imagination with a nurturing environment.


Sarasota classes are in a classroom setting in the NEW FUNKY VINTAGE Sarasota studio that is fun and colorful. Small baby grand pianos are used and are in bright colors of red, pink, and black. Classes tend to fill quickly so book fast.


Boca Raton classes are presently being configured. Call now to book early.


The Child Prodigy Series has consistently for five years been rated the top Kids Program in S.  Florida.


Classes are held in Sarasota and Boca Raton.

Cost for classes are $50 per month and are paid on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month.

Students perform at the two performances per year with the full Academy.

view a 3 year old student on the piano: 

Student in kids studio


Students at kids studio

Students in kids studio

Miss Marcy working with a student in kids studio

Assistant working with student in kids class