I would highly recommend Marcy as a piano teacher. She has done a tremendous job with my child, who had never played the piano before. She can read music fluently, understand the theory behind the music, and loves to play. She is playing at a level far more advanced than her friends who have been playing much longer. She is involved in selecting her piano pieces, and Marcy works with her in picking pieces she enjoys playing. Each lesson Marcy is enthusiastic and encouraging. My daughter can’t wait to practice, and loves to go to her lessons. She would go daily is we had the time, and now takes several lessons per week. She is even considering music as a field of study for college. Marcy is innovative in her approach, and is fund to be around. She has fabulous credentials, and plan out each lesson based on what my daughter has worked on during the prior week. I can’t get over her advance and love of the piano. I would highly recommend Marcy.  Boca Raton



Shirley Frappier


 My two daughters have been receiving the best quality of piano classes from Ms. Marcy. My oldest, started piano at 4 with another teacher and although I felt she had talent I didn’t see any real progress for over two years. I decided to switch her and I was blessed to find Ms. Marcy. Ms. Marcy took my daughter to a whole different level in less than 6 months. She went from playing kiddie tunes to classical complicated pieces. A big plus is that my daughter adores her. Ms. Marcy is patient yet firm, very polite, sweet, motherly, disciplined, and very goal oriented. My daughter loves for music has grown due to Ms. Marcy’s approach and deep knowledge. Everywhere my daughter goes she is known for her amazing piano talent that could have not been polished without Ms. Marcy.
My youngest is only 5 and she already loves piano and looks forward to every class. I highly recommend A Prelude to the Classics. Boca Raton



I am so grateful to have found Miss Marcy. The connection between her and my grandson is undeniable. Her unique and imaginative methods of teaching have cultivated in him something amazing. At 5 years old my grandson was playing Mozart and Bach. Along with knowing how to read music she has developed in him an instinct for music. Marcy has helped him appreciate the difference composers and their own style of music. Her Note Bee (music theory class) has built his confidence and allowed him to learn in a fun and competitive environment. I cannot say enough about her musical knowledge and how she transfers that to children. Along with everything Marcy has to offer she also has a big heart. My grandson looks forward to his piano lessons as much as he looks forward to seeing Miss Marcy. Sarasota


Finding an instructor for an adult with piano experience has not been an easy task.  Throughout the years I tried several teachers who who were not able to motivate or extend my skills.  Then I met Marcy Gilroy. From the first lesson I felt excited by her teaching methods. Marcy used appropriated materials  and techniques to review finger exercises.  Her love for music was evident when she recommended newpieces and impressed me by playing them beautifully. I was appreciative that Marcy respected my musical influences and asked me for input when chossing new pieces to play.  She was everything I had looked for in a teacher. Marcy was extremely accomplished, supportive, and encouraging. But, most importantly, marcy knew how to effectively extend my skills. After a few months of lessons I was playing better than I ever have.  This has give me great pleasure along with a sense of wonder by how much I had achieved in a short period of time.  I highly recommend Marcy Gilroy's teaching style and expertise to any musical adult who dreams of playing the piano well.  Eileen Klein  9 years of previous piano lessons. degrees in Education and English.  Boca Raton



"A Prelude to the Classics is a music studio that is beyond compare. My 9 year old son has been playing with Marcy for a year and a half, and he sounds like he has been playing since he was two. Marcy is not only talented herself, but she has a natural way with people. Marcy knows how to read people and speak to their personal abilities. My son is very intelligent, but she can communicate with him in ways that I cannot. She knows how to "reign people in" and always keep it fun! When you come to one of her lessons, her students always have a smile on their faces! Joining A Prelude to the Classics is without a doubt one of the best decisions we have ever made. We continue to watch our son flourish while he is having a ball!"  (Joanna Curran, mother of Maxfield Curran, age 9, who will compete in the Nationals this year). Sarasota



Ms. Marcy has been, hands down, the best music instructor our daughter Amanda has had. Amanda came to Marcy just six months ago with five years of piano lessons under her belt. Unfortunately she could read very little music, but had near perfect pitch. Marcy promised us that in less than one year she would be able to read all her notes and be able to play any composition she chose. In the short time our daughter has been with A Prelude to the Classics, she has far exceeded our expectations and is on her way to becoming an accomplished piano player – all thanks to Ms. Marcy who understands her students and creates an environment where the student loves to learn and can’t wait until their next lesson. Thank you for all you do! Shana (mother of 13 year old student) Sarasota