A Prelude To The Classics Music Academy of Performing Arts sponsors The Sonata/Sonatina Competition for Piano in April annually in Sarasota and Boca Raton at Steinway.  Anyone from any music studio may attend.  Please submit your registration early, but no later than February annually. Include students name, age, address, name of piece being performed, which movement, include all repeats, include a copy of the piece with each line numbered on the left side of the piece and send with $65 fee check or money order to:

A Prelude To The Classics Music Academy of Performing Arts 

 Email Miss Marcy 



Boca Raton Region: April at Steinway Federal Highway Boca Raton

Sarasota Region: April  at Steinway Bee Ridge Road Sarasota


Contestants will be judged based on: difficulty of piece, expression, technique, phrasing, use of pedal, memorization, notes, repeats, and professionalism. Categories: ages 4-6 (sonatina only); ages 7-8, ages 9-12 and 13+(18 is  the maximum age).    Arrive 30 minutes prior to your time.  Youngest category will compete first. Every category will receive trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Students will receive a certificate for their school transcripts. 

As a qualified member of the National Music Teachers Association, Miss Marcy  selects and enters students to audition and compete in Competitions.  Register quickly as spots fill up quickly. 

To qualify to submit students to compete and be a member of the National Music Teachers Association, a teacher must possess a degree in either music education music performance, with advanced classes taken in music theory. Miss Marcy graduated as a piano performance major, attended NYU School of Performing Arts, where she took advanced music theory, orchestration, and instrumentation, and performed throughout NYC. At Hartt College of Music, as a piano performance major, she took advanced courses in music theory, music management, ear training, and performed.